I Engage, You engage, We Engage: Case study & Interventions

Based on a global report by famous Gallup Europe has the lowest regional percentage of engaged employees. In another report, 44% employees worldwide state that they are stressed. What is behind these terrible numbers?In this workshop we will have a look at the comparison of the global workforce and enagagement and satisfaction level. I will share a case study from my team about how to quickly gauge enagegement levels and what follow-ups we took to facilitate change. Finally, we will also examine what strategies Gallup recommends for dealing with stress in the workplace and discuss your experience too.


The workshop will be in English. 

Eliška Furtkevičová

Eliška si prošla různými pozicemi od admina, finančního analytika, people manažera, scrum mastera a nyní pracuje na pozici agilního kouče.
Zkušenosti má ze Scrumem, Kanbanem a SAFem, oslovil ji Management 3.0. Aktivně se věnuje CliftonStrenght koučingu.
Co ji nejvíce baví a čemu věří je práce s lidmi. Své zkušenosti ráda předává také dál formou školení a workshopů.