Double your team's productivity by making better use of the Sprint Goal

Is it even possible to deliver a working Increment in every Sprint? And is it possible to avoid the constant “overflow” of bags from one Sprint to another? It is possible and it can be done. But it requires a change in thinking and functioning of the whole team and a different approach to setting the Sprint Goal. In this workshop, we’ll use a practical exercise to show you how.

Jan Hadrava

Honza started as a full-stack web application programmer, but 10 years ago he accepted the challenge to become a Scrum Master of a newly formed team in the Brno branch of Siemens CVC and never returned to programming… Since 2019 he has been living in Tokyo, where he first worked for a year as a Scrum Master and a year as an Agile Trainer at the internet giant Rakuten (the so-called “Japanese Amazon”). He then moved to the startup WOVN Technologies, where he helps not only teams and fellow Scrum Masters, but also C-level executives. His specialty is the integration of Scrum with OKRs, through which he and his teams have been able to more than decimate the effectiveness of the product they develop.