Engaging leadership for everyone

Because engagement is essential for a modern organization!

Does your organization have agile teams but still not profit from the promises of agility?
Are you struggling to collaborate beyond your agile team – as dynamically as you wish to? Are some of your colleagues opting out and silently quitting?

If at least one of these questions apply to you or your organization, – you are not alone!

In this talk, Andrea and Alex will guide you to understand the factors that lead to disengagement.

To create a more engaging and autonomous culture, we will prove how simple behaviors – like the ability to say NO and voluntary participation – can be game-changing. The good news is that You can start small and have an impact – increasing engagement in a way that scales agility!

Andrea Darabos

Andrea is a business transformation catalyst, with over a decade of experience working with business agility, rapid product development and innovation. Her clients include global banks like Barclays, HSBC, Natwest, Marks and Spencer Bank, telcos – Ericsson and Vodafone – and alike. Originally a software developer, Andrea has experience of working as part of large people networks and cross-functional teams dotted around continents. Through her work, she discovered that imposing a fixed agile process can be limiting what is possible… Andrea is committed to helping leaders create more autonomous, inviting and participatory environments!

In her free time, Andrea loves spending active time – jogging, cycling, swimming in Swiss lakes and visiting art galleries.

Alexander Krause

Alexander is thought-provoking and a master in creating social fabric. He helps to use existing tensions to transit to new patterns of modern system design with a focus on value creation and leadership.
His message is: Every organization is already perfect! Perfect, to create the results it creates at the moment! If we want different results – we need a different organization.
Alexander’s clients are in IT and beyond IT like BMW, Siemens, Rohde & Schwarz, Roche and Bayer.
His passion is cooking on open fire and jumping into Swedish lakes. His home base is Berlin, Germany.