Fast Product Development with FaST

The case study will show the path of the development department to the FaST (Fluid scaling technology) methodology. Together, we will look at our motivation for deploying it and see how it works in practice, using the example of one of our “collectives” that focuses on rapidly delivered AI innovations in product. We’ll review what has changed over time and also share practical advice on what has worked for us and could help you too. We’ll also look at other collectives where we’re driving FaST, including areas you might not expect. Finally, we’ll summarise our experience – where FaST has helped us, what issues we’re facing, what challenges lie ahead and in what environments we think it’s worth considering implementing.

Michal Krajíček

Michal started with agile development more than ten years ago as a ScrumMaster. He gradually worked his way up through SM team leader to his current position as an Agile ranger at technology company, where he uses his years of experience in Agile development, Lean and Lean Startup approach. He complements these hard-skills with a broad portfolio of soft-skills, which he passes on outside of business as a mentor, coach and creator of leadership development programs. He enjoys looking at companies through the lens of a systems approach and believes that the foundation of success and the cure for much of the problems of teams and companies is a properly set up environment. In his spare time he enjoys family, travel and a variety of DIY activities.