How to do agile HR: User stories in practice

We will focus on how to innovate agilely also in the HR area. How to co-develop, adapt services for teamleaders, teams and individuals with an emphasis on collaboration and adapting the product to the customer’s needs. How to validate and empower the autonomy of individual teams in self-organization and increase the motivation of individuals.


Practically, we will try together one of the agile methods of user stories.


This workshop is for everyone, whether you are an IT specialist, product manager, teamleader, business owner or HR professional. For everyone who wants to use agile methods to make their work more efficient and gain practical skills in developing and adapting services based on client needs.

Lenka Volfová

Lenka has been working in HR, marketing and business for more than 20 years. Her work experience includes managerial positions in manufacturing and trading companies mainly in the medical, pharma and IT segments. Currently, she holds a part-time role as HR Business Partner at the Institute of Biostatistics and Analysis, a company focused on clinical trial data analysis and developing CLADE-IS, a proprietary EDC data collection system. Lenka is gradually introducing agile HR processes in the company. She develops and strengthens the autonomy of individual teams within self-organization, focuses on different roles and competences of individual team members, and is a partner not only for teamleaders. Actively participates in the achievement of company goals.


She also works as a consultant in the field of HR and as a lecturer in management skills. She is the recipient of the Randstad Personnel Manager of the Year 2023 award in the medium-sized company category.


In her free time, she plays beach volleyball and enjoys exploring new destinations with her family.