The road to end-to-end teams

Anyone trying to coordinate the team backlogs of multiple teams collaborating on a large product has learned that managing dependencies is as futile as running around the well with a bucket. Backlogs are queues, queues are delays. Everyone waits for everyone, everything takes time, no one is to blame for anything.
Yet all you have to do is (let) people reorganize into end-to-end teams. Karel Smutný, who has specialized in the transition to end-to-end teams for the last 8 years from his 15 years of experience, will tell you how to do it and what pitfalls await you.

Karel Smutný

Karel is a consultant for agile transformations and organizational design, a Scrum trainer, and a programmer. Over more than 15 years, he has collaborated with dozens of organizations, ranging from startups to established technology companies and multinational corporations. He has made an impact on nearly a hundred teams and thus draws from very rich experience. Karel focuses on “decalcifying” (simplifying) organizations, building team accountability and technical excellence. As a long-time developer, he emphasizes sustainable architecture, readable code, and automation.