Team Self-Design Workshop (Role-playing)

Experience a workshop in which several highly specialized teams reassign themselves into end-to-end teams. The workshop itself is always a scramble, but it has a solid structure and control mechanisms to end up with balanced motivated teams that are minimally dependent on each other.
You’ll learn how to set up, facilitate and what to look out for in a workshop. And you’ll hear hilarious and enlightening stories from the field.

Karel Smutný

Karel is a consultant for agile transformations and organizational design, a Scrum trainer, and a programmer. Over more than 15 years, he has collaborated with dozens of organizations, ranging from startups to established technology companies and multinational corporations. He has made an impact on nearly a hundred teams and thus draws from very rich experience. Karel focuses on “decalcifying” (simplifying) organizations, building team accountability and technical excellence. As a long-time developer, he emphasizes sustainable architecture, readable code, and automation.