When Coffee Brings Change: Lean Coffee

Organisational change is all about people. But how do you create a space for discussion about change that everyone can influence? And how to enable people to influence and engage in change? Lean Coffee is a simple and surprisingly effective format that is still only marginally used in organisations. Come and try it for yourself, learn about its benefits and ask any questions you may have. It doesn’t matter if you prefer water, tea or any other beverage, you’ll love Lean Coffee 🙂

Luděk Škaroupka

Luděk focuses on uncovering the opacity in processes, the flow of context between people, the right goals, and their implementation through cohesive teams. He has spent over 5 years in various roles within sales, customer support, and project management, where he has gained valuable insights into customer and stakeholder perspectives, as well as the challenges faced by both small and large companies, their internal processes, and priorities. For the past 6 years, he has been doing the same, but from a leadership position, emphasizing agile principles, people development, talent coaching (Gallup), and OKRs.