Mob programming - is it worth it to have the whole team working together on one task?

Join us to explore the possibilities of teamwork. How far can you go with collaboration in a team? Does it make sense for the whole team to work on one thing or is it better for each team member to have their own piece of work they are working on? If you answered that neither way is the right way and the right answer is somewhere in the middle, then you’ve come to the right place. In this workshop, we’ll discuss how to properly embrace Mob Programming as a technique that can help you align your team so that it works as efficiently as possible and succeeds in delivering the customer’s expected outcomes without bringing the company to a grinding halt. Along with the benefits of Mob Programming and ways to use this technique effectively, we’ll discuss the pitfalls to watch out for so that we don’t stray from the path of efficiency into the field of overpriced overthinking resulting in a demotivated and burnt out team. Which anti-patterns to avoid and what should such team-wide collaboration look like and where and when is there room and use for it? This is the main topic of our workshop.


What you will learn and take away:

  • What Mob Programming is
  • How to determine if Mob Programming is the right technique for your team
  • Where to start if you want to experiment and try Mob programming in practice
  • Get real experience with Mob programming through a cooperative game
  • How Mob programming is tricky
  • What are our experiences from companies where we have implemented Mob programming
  • Which well-known companies are using Mob Programming today
  • How Mob programming has developed in recent years and where it is heading


Filip Kapler

Filip is a Scrum Master who takes a Scrum Master as a Service approach and works across the company with anyone who needs help. Whether the person knows what the problem they are solving is that is burning them up or the root cause has yet to be named. His focus has not always been IT and because of this, he brings new light to established processes and ways of thinking. His experience ranges from small businesses to corporate environments. He helps people in the company take responsibility for things they can directly influence.

Šimon Vlachynský

Šimon has been working as a Scrum Master since 2014, having started his career at the Czech internet leader Over time, he has built his way to an international presence and now works as a team lead scrum master at Jamf Software.

His expertise includes working with traditional agile frameworks, implementing change at various levels within the organization, and defining goals for both teams and at the product level. The product sphere is particularly close to Simon’s heart, as evidenced by his strong contribution to supporting product roles and co-authoring our Product Academy.

Simon is a fan of the human touch, constructive feedback and likes when work and decisions have real meaning. His professionalism and ability to lead teams to perform at a level that delivers value is a great asset to our clients.