Unlock the Power of Flow: A 75-Minute Workshop on The Flow System™️.

People and organizations are Complex Adaptive Systems and they react and interact differently together based on their context. Organizations who fail to recognize this while introducing frameworks, methods and tools, actually risk introducing additional constraints and barriers that prevent these organizations from achieving flow. Flow ultimately results in employees concentrating on the act of doing rather than combatting or succumbing to organizational friction.

The Flow System™️: The Evolution of Agile and Lean Thinking provides a re-imagined system for organizations to understand complexity, embrace teamwork, and autonomous team-based leadership structures. At the heart of this we must understand that creating methods and tools is not some form of aggregation and repetition, but is more like DNA, a process of decomposition and recombination that allows context-specific solutions to be created.


Led by a seasoned expert in Flow theory and application, this workshop offers a hands-on exploration of the power of The Flow System, its Triple Helix of Flow and their principles. Whether you’re Scrum Master seeking to revitalize your team’s approach or a seasoned leader or Agile coach eager to cultivate a culture of innovation, this session is tailored to meet your needs.

What can you expect?

  • Insightful Exploration: Dive deep into the core principles of flow theory and organizational dynamics.
  • Practical Application: Learn how to contextualize the tools and techniques outlined in The Flow System to streamline processes and organizational change.
  • Interactive Exercises: Engage in a stimulating exercise and group discussions that help understanding of context and bounded applicability of tools and techniques.

Bastiaan Brouwer

Bastiaan is owner of SPARK Innovation Catalysts®, an Italian consultancy boutique with an international presence, lecturer at CUOA Business School and translator of the Italian edition of The Flow System and The Flow System Playbook.


Bastiaan has 20 years of experience as a consultant, trainer and coach in the field of Lean and Agile and the areas of Operations Management, Strategy and Leadership Development.


In his consulting activity, that sees him engaged in a wide variety of sectors and types of organizations, Bastiaan brings a ‘soft’ approach. The starting point is never the tool, no matter how powerful. Organizations need to find their own way to use the various tools. What really matters is the learning process, the company needs people to question the organization they are part of, to actively challenge the system when they recognize obstacles or waste in the work they do, and to feel safe in provoking improvement.