Scrum Masters Grilling

Get ready for a show full of knowledge and experience, where we will ask four selected Scrum Masters from different types of companies questions on the body. In our new dynamic “Scrum Masters Grilling” format, our guests will face not only the questions but also the time pressure to share with you their experiences as well as the triumphs and obstacles of being a Scrum Master.

Experience a unique exchange during a brisk question and answer marathon where each Scrum Master will reveal what their contribution to the team is.

This interactive format is designed to encourage open and authentic discussion and provide participants with a deeper understanding of the day-to-day challenges and successes of being a Scrum Master.

You can look forward to direct questions and candid answers that illuminate the techniques, tools, and approaches these agile champions use to support their teams.

Not only that, there will be space for your questions too 😉.

Nika Brabcová

Agile is not a process, but a way of thinking.
As an experienced scrum master, he tries to implement Agile not only at work but also in his personal life because he sees the real meaning in it. He is currently working as a Scrum Master at Tatra banka, where he is part of a newly created team dedicated to investments. Nika is very communicative, friendly and open-minded. She enjoys spending time with her family and friends. She is sociable and does not like to be bored. She likes to travel and develop herself. She plans a lot and tries to fulfill her challenges and dreams.

Olga Brůčková

Olga is an agile coach with extensive experience in agile transformations in corporate environments who honors values such as respect, empathy, creativity and passion. Her passion and commitment drives her to help people understand agile principles. She enjoys being in an inspiring environment where there is energy and a shared focus on innovation. She actively contributes to the agile transformation at T-Mobile. Olga doesn’t like the word “can’t”, she is not afraid of obstacles, prefers a positive attitude and tries to inspire colleagues and friends with her desire for new challenges.

Filip Kapler

Filip is a Scrum Master who takes a Scrum Master as a Service approach and works across the company with anyone who needs help. Whether the person knows what the problem they are solving is that is burning them up or the root cause has yet to be named. His focus has not always been IT and because of this, he brings new light to established processes and ways of thinking. His experience ranges from small businesses to corporate environments. He helps people in the company take responsibility for things they can directly influence.

Martin Ribarič

Martin likes to refer to himself as “crazy”. Crazy for life, where he likes to try new things and learn from them. You could say he lives empiricism in practice. Combine that with the joy of making things work and the equation results in a Scrum Master, which Martin has been for over 4 years now. By working in the softwarehouse he has gained a lot of experience with different types of project management and also with different sizes and quantities of teams. His focus is primarily on team development and efficiency, but he is not afraid of other topics either. Outside of work, he can most often be found in the mountains or over a chess board.