How to build outcomes-oriented roadmaps

Join us for an interactive workshop that will focus on a key aspect of modern product management – creating effective outcomes-focused roadmaps. During these 90 minutes, we will explore:
– Defining Outcome: How to properly define an outcome and differentiate it from conventional outputs? We will review practical examples and clarify what a well-defined outcome should include.
– Roadmap vs. Delivery Plan: what is the fundamental difference between a roadmap and a delivery plan? We discuss their different purposes and how they can work together to achieve strategic goals.
– Creating an Outcomes-Oriented Roadmap: How do you go from a roadmap full of deadlines and features to a roadmap that is truly focused on outcomes? We’ll walk you step-by-step through the process of creating one.
– How to effectively communicate your roadmap to management and customers? We’ll offer techniques and strategies for effectively persuading and securing support for your roadmap.

This workshop is ideal for product managers, team leaders, and any professional looking to improve their skills in planning and communicating product strategies. Come gain new knowledge and tools to help you manage your projects more effectively and focused on real business results.

Jiří Helmich

With over fifteen years of experience, Jiří specializes in creating seamless solutions for users and customers. As an advocate of Silicon Valley Product Group methodologies, he has played a key role in the growth of Mews, transforming it from a startup with few customers to a major player with several thousand clients worldwide on its platform. Soon after his departure, Mews became a unicorn. His career is marked by innovation, a passion for excellent user experience and a deep background in software engineering. He was also involved in the development of the science of the semantic web and linked data.