Management as a hard skill and Leadership as a soft skill

Have you ever seen pictures where the difference between manager(s) and leader(s) is explained? And where it is clearly shown, usually with a frowning figure on one side and a smiling figure on the other, what is GOOD and what is BAD?
If so, come and have a chat and see how relevant or not they all are. We’ll poke the hornet’s nest a bit and talk about whether and possibly why both approaches have their place in the sun and why one (doesn’t) work without the other. And maybe even why sometimes even the most brilliant leader uses managerial behaviour. We’ll examine what “managerial” and “leadership” behavior does to us. And we’ll take away a little more knowledge of ourselves. Like that 1+1 is more than 2. And that 2-1 ≠ 1.
And if you don’t know them, it’s okay – we’ll show them at the beginning, and then the “if you do” applies.

Monika Šamonilová

Monika leads a team of nearly 50 agile coaches at Česká spořitelna. Together they ensure the adoption and development of agile ways of working in the largest Czech bank. She has gained her extensive professional experience in various business and management roles, and has also worked in the field of education and personal development. She studied Andragogy, is a professional coach, lecturer, and mentors in internal and external mentoring programs. Monika is a passionate traveller, who in her free time can often be found travelling with her family, whether on a motorbike, in a car, motorhome or with sports equipment – skis, bike or skates. Her active lifestyle reflects her dynamic approach to work and personal life.