Revealing the power of trust: How 360° feedback changes the game in a turquoise world

Imagine a work environment where there is absolute trust. Colleagues openly share their opinions and every feedback is a valuable gift. Utopia? Not really. We’re looking for ways to make the work environment freer and more efficient. One approach that is showing promising results is the creation of turquoise organisations. They are based on trust and transparent, open communication.


In our workshop “Unlocking the power of trust: How 360° feedback changes the game in a turquoise world”, we will look at how this type of feedback works and why it is such an important tool for building trust and effectiveness. You will experience first-hand what it means to build on trust. We won’t just let you listen – you’ll dive right into the whirlwind of practical activities. Through interactive play, where everyone receives and gives feedback, you’ll explore its powerful impact on building trust and effective collaboration. And do it in a variety of roles with unique personality traits.


In 90 minutes, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of the principle of 360° feedback and its application to your teams. Together, we’ll explore how effective feedback contributes not only to better communication and effectiveness, but also to feelings of happiness and satisfaction at work.


Come to the workshop if you want to take a step forward on your journey to transform your work culture.

Martin Bayer

Martin is an Atlassian Solution Architect at MoroSystems Orchestra. He has worked in many roles throughout his career, from Java programmer, to Atlassian programmer, to various leadership roles. For several years he has been involved in the role of Team Leader on larger Atlassian projects. Subsequently, as part of the Personal Leader role, he was on a close team of people who began to form a new Atlassian team within MoroSystems, now the MoroSystems Orchestra.


From a talent perspective, he is closest to working with people and enjoys helping with development, not only personal development but also process and technical solutions. Martin is sensitive to values when working in teams. Naturally and in line with agile principles, he agrees with prioritizing quality collaboration over personal gain and believes in the immense power of transparency.


When he is not working, he is devoted to his family, teaching first grade computer science in his home village or nagging his wife to smoke a pipe.