Artificial intelligence in team practice: #MobAI

At the beginning of the workshop we will dive into the fascinating world of artificial intelligence. Together we will explain the basic concepts and principles of artificial intelligence, its potential and later we will also learn about generative artificial intelligence and ChatGPT to use them in the interactive part of the #MobAI workshop. MobAI is a group work format “Mob” as defined by Woody Zuill, where participants are assisted by AI tools. The term MobAI and the hashtag #MobAI was introduced in 2023 by Joe Justice, author of the Agile Manufacturing program at Tesla, and refers to the way of working in Elon Musk’s companies. The interactive part of the #MobAI workshop will allow us to collaborate, create, innovate and discover new ways of using AI in group work. Come try it out and apply #MobAI in your team or company!

Ondřej Bačina

Ondřej is an experienced marketer and economist with a specialization in IT. With more than 20 years of experience in IT sales, consulting and product marketing, he has become a recognized expert in new technologies and digital transformation.

As a new technology enthusiast and advocate of electromobility, he founded a YouTube channel called “Teslacek” where he provides information, reviews and advice on electric cars, photovoltaics, artificial intelligence and other technology trends. He brings entertaining and informative content to viewers to promote the development of electromobility and awareness of environmental challenges.

By following all things Elon Musk, Andrew has made it all the way to Joe Justice and his Agile Management. He did an entire series on the topic on his channel about how Tesla is applying Agile methods in practice and received a JoeDX workshop certificate. He started actively using these methods, for example, when teaching at AMBIS college where he teaches Digital Marketing.