OpenSpace Agility (OLN-OSA1) Certification Training

Course Description

This OpenSpace Agility (OLN-OSA1) workshop is a specially designed full day course that takes you through understanding OpenSpace Technology, the pattern of Inviting Leadership and bringing it all together in the use of OpenSpace Agility as the most effective and engaging transformation technique to bring Agility to your company.
This course also teaches how to achieve very high levels of employee engagement in your Agile adoption.

By the end of the Course, you will be able to

● Explain the advantages of OpenSpace Agility to executive decision-makers
● Guide and deliver an implementation of OpenSpace Agility
● Coach and guide executives and the organization in the advantages and dynamics of Inviting Leadership and Invitation Based Change
● Lead groups of teams and entire organizations in the implementation of invited, periodic and iterative whole-group Open Space events occurring approximately 90 days apart

Who Should Attend

● Agile Coaches and Change Agents
● Executives responsible for organizational change
● Informal Leaders and Influencers


This is a full-day class that is 8 hours including a one hour lunch break.


By completing this course you will receive the Level 1 OpenSpace Agility (OLN-OSA1) certificate of completion issued by the Open Leadership Network and listing on the OLN web site.

Takeaway Materials

Participants will receive:
• A kit of supporting diagrams, infographics and tools, with everything you need, including checklists for arranging and delivering one complete cycle of OSA, from start to finish
• 30 days of support by email (Q&A support) from the instructors.
• Your certificate of completion from the Open Leadership Network and listing on the OLN web site.

The workshop will be held in English.

Andrea Darabos

Andrea is a business transformation catalyst, with over a decade of experience working with business agility, rapid product development and innovation. Her clients include global banks like Barclays, HSBC, Natwest, Marks and Spencer Bank, telcos – Ericsson and Vodafone – and alike. Originally a software developer, Andrea has experience of working as part of large people networks and cross-functional teams dotted around continents. Through her work, she discovered that imposing a fixed agile process can be limiting what is possible… Andrea is committed to helping leaders create more autonomous, inviting and participatory environments!

In her free time, Andrea loves spending active time – jogging, cycling, swimming in Swiss lakes and visiting art galleries.

Alexander Krause

Alexander is thought-provoking and a master in creating social fabric. He helps to use existing tensions to transit to new patterns of modern system design with a focus on value creation and leadership.

His message is: Every organization is already perfect! Perfect, to create the results it creates at the moment! If we want different results – we need a different organization.

Alexander’s clients are in IT and beyond IT like BMW, Siemens, Rohde & Schwarz, Roche and Bayer.

His passion is cooking on open fire and jumping into Swedish lakes. His home base is Berlin, Germany.