Panel discussion on the topic: How to work with authority in 21st century companies.

We are preparing for you a panel discussion on the topic: How to Work with Authority in 21st Century Companies, bringing together prominent pioneers of modern business to share their unique approaches to authority and leadership in companies today.
We will learn how the challenges of transforming traditional power structures into more effective and flexible management models can be successfully navigated.



  • Radek Majer, CEO of TTC TELEPORT and pioneer of business without power hierarchies in the Czech Republic.
  • Monika Šamonilová, an experienced manager from Česká spořitelna, who has extensive experience in building functional self-directed teams.
  • Fero Baník, who took over the family business from his position as a robotics graduate and transformed it into a self-directed organization with a horizontal structure.


Topics discussed:

  • What effect does the absence of traditional hierarchies have on employee performance and motivation?
  • Case studies of the transformation of a firm into a self-directed organization.
  • How to use the principles of self-management to enhance innovation and adaptability in the firm.
  • And more


This panel discussion is for anyone interested in progressive approaches in leadership and wanting to understand how these strategies can impact the future of work.

The discussion will be moderated by Rastislav Duriš and Šimon Vlachynský, who will provide a lively and interactive debate between the panelists and the audience via Slido. The panel discussions at the inAgile conference are designed to bring experts together, provide a platform for knowledge sharing and foster innovation in business.

Fero Baník

Fero has a PhD in robotics, yet he decided to take over the family heating installation business. At the time, with only five employees and at a loss. Without knowing the agile approach or these methods, he intuitively rebuilt the mental setup of the company into a self-directed organization in successive steps. Today this company, with its representation of different roles and expertise, is completely horizontal, without any middle management.

Monika Šamonilová ​

Monika Šamonilová leads a team of nearly 50 agile coaches at Česká spořitelna. Together they ensure the adoption and development of agile ways of working in the largest Czech bank. She has gained her extensive professional experience in various business and management roles, and has also worked in the field of education and personal development. She studied Andragogy, is a professional coach, lecturer, and mentors in internal and external mentoring programs. Monika is a passionate traveller, who in her free time can often be found travelling with her family, whether on a motorbike, in a car, motorhome or with sports equipment – skis, bike or skates. Her active lifestyle reflects her dynamic approach to work and personal life.

Radek Majer

Radek has dedicated part of his life to building telecommunications and technology companies. He has applied his skills in service development and crisis management in many major companies. Thanks to an open and single family, he eventually came to understand concepts such as happiness at work, holacracy, management innovation, etc. Today, he is an investor, promoter of new directions in corporate governance, freedom at work, meaningful entrepreneurship and innovator of conservative approaches. Together with his wife, he is an entrepreneur in data centers, real estate, finance, consultants and guides in introducing freedom principles to businesses and families.

Rastislav Duriš

Rasťo is a facilitator and organizational psychologist who specializes in the human side, Agile, and systematic approach to organizational development. He teaches leaders and teams self-management and decentralization. He brings global approaches to support organizational transformations to the Czech Republic, such as the Rocket Model of Teamwork, Management 3.0, Gamestorming, BetaCodex Network, Lean Change Management, and Liberating Structures. In his consulting and training practice, he most commonly collaborates with Scrum Masters, Agile Coaches, and Project Managers.

Šimon Vlachynský

Šimon has been working as a Scrum Master for more than six years, both in Czech and international teams. He is the author of several internal company trainings, and at one time he was the organizer of “Scrum Erasmus” – exchange visits between companies to gain inspiration not only in the field of agile culture. He has experience with classic agile frameworks, onboarding new colleagues or setting product and team goals. He can clearly set and explain metrics in a way that helps with the progression of set goals. He approaches the work in a human way, while also being able to provide constructive advice for progress within the self-development framework.