Scaling and adaptability in Brno: a real-life story where business does a 180° turn

Large Scale Scrum (LeSS) in Brno: a team of 16 seven-member development teams with one backlog, one roadmap, one Product owner. We will introduce you to our world of SW development, which we optimize for scalability and adaptability.

We’ll share the tools and practices that work for us and we believe can work for you. And to keep it from being such a dry talk, we’ll take a look at what we used the last time we ran into trouble: we bought a company and planned to replace their product with ours. But the market said no. Well, we had no choice but to adopt it as our new main product. Their development and QA team left us in the middle of it, the programming language is a bizarro on the Czech market, other pearls didn’t wait long. How did we deal with it?

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Zdeněk Soukup

Zdeněk enjoys working as a founding member of the Product Owner community at Y Soft in Brno, where three members direct the development of 16 teams over several products. That’s over 100 smart people he helps find and deliver solutions to what their users need. He is an expert in scaling development, specifically adopting Large Scale Scrum (LeSS) principles.

In his spare time, he teaches Brazilian jiu-jitsu to kids

Milan Schwarz

Milan is dedicated to supporting individuals, teams and entire organizations in their success. He helps to uncover the real needs and start to systematically address them. He tailors the way he supports to the need and expectation. Sometimes he is more in the role of a coach or mentor, sometimes in the role of a leader who helps to move the issue forward. Milan’s heartland is Technical Excellence, where he has extensive experience.
Milan has been part of the Large Scale Scrum (LeSS) adoption within Y Soft since the beginning (>100 developers, one product backlog, no managers). Prior to LeSS adoption (2016-2018), he was a Tech Lead as part of one development team. I.e. he has hands-on experience of how it (didn’t) work before and what it means to make such a change.