Team Coaching – Mastering Traits and Techniques

The aim of the workshop is to highlight typical problems or blockages in teamwork and then introduce a set of techniques suitable for solving them. After a short introduction and explanation of terminology and differences, I will present one real scenario from my own practice, we will divide into groups (4-5 people per group) and each person will draw a role in the team and also a technique that can be used to solve this scenario. At the end, we’ll talk about how the technique worked for you and whether you were able to unlearn the problem sufficiently thanks to it. In this way, we will also naturally share the benefits of different team coaching techniques. At the end of the discussion, we will share our experiences with team coaching in agile teams and refer you to additional resources. Anyone with a desire to move their teams forward is invited.


The workshop will be in English. 

Radoslav Ciglanský

Rado works as Scrum Master and Unit Manager at BOOTIQ SK within the BIQ Group. During his almost 15-year career in IT, he has been supporting individuals and teams in effective collaboration and delivering functional products using agile practices. His career path has spanned various areas from customer support and marketing to product development and operations, while continuously improving his skills in the areas of agility, management and team coaching.


Outside the professional sphere, Rado is actively involved in supporting the agile community as a co-host of Agile Bratislava. Every month he meets with other agile enthusiasts in cozy pubs or corporate spaces where they share ideas and experiences together, thus enriching their collective agile skills.


In his personal life, his heart belongs to his family with two amazing children. In his free time, he enjoys cycling and running, enjoying the beauty of nature and the thrill of physical activity.