The foundation of freedom is trust. How to create with trust in business and family. Or trust management in practice.

The foundation of freedom is trust. Together we will discuss three basic, but also extended, areas of trust. Why does trust work in some places and not in others? How to build it? How to maintain it? All this in the context of not only work life but also family life. Participants can experience on the spot how to build trust, maintain it, and where to find the courage to do it all.

The format of the workshop will focus on questions and answers. Co-creation where both facilitators (Hana and Radek) and attendees contribute.

Radek Majer

Radek has dedicated part of his life to building telecommunications and technology companies. He has applied his skills in service development and crisis management in many major companies. Thanks to an open and single family, he eventually came to understand concepts such as happiness at work, holacracy, management innovation, etc. Today, he is an investor, promoter of new directions in corporate governance, freedom at work, meaningful entrepreneurship and innovator of conservative approaches. Together with his wife, he is an entrepreneur in data centers, real estate, finance, consultants and guides in introducing freedom principles to businesses and families.

Hana Majerová

Her passion is life itself and her motto is “All of life comes to me with ease, joy and glory”. She is devoted to her family, her family’s real estate business and shares with her husband that it is possible to have freedom in life and work. She is also a practitioner and facilitator of the Access Bars and Bars in business method. Both Hana and Radek live in a spirit of respect, trust, permission, philanthropy and in harmony with nature.